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We are now a proud member of 'The Pledge'. More on this at:

All our coffees are traded transparently. This means that for each of our coffees we know which farm it comes from, who grew it and how much money the farmer received for the coffee. However, only the coffees for which we know the FOB price count for the table below. For some coffees we don't know this, but the Farm Gate price. Therefore we cannot state the turnover of transparent coffees with 100%.

We try to update the table as soon as possible.

Our turnover of transparent coffees, measured in terms of total turnover, is 64%. We are working on increasing the number of our transparent coffees.

Origin producer importer FOB / lbs Quality Amount kg* since**

Buziragu-hindwa Washing Station

Nordic approach $3.55 86.5 1800 2014
Kenya Barichu Farmers Cooperative Society Nordic approach $4.93 87 2160 2016
Kenya Kangocho Factory

Nordic approach

$5.47 88 1200 2012
Ethiopia Anasora Washing Station

Nordic approach

$2.70 88 6000 2016
Honduras Herman Gomez

Nordic approach

$3.45 86 900 2018
Cameroon ***(see below) Bongabee $1.94 82.75 7000 2017

*Total imported quantity.

** Here the cooperation between producer and importer is meant.

*** Bongabee coffee farmers:

  • Ndzi Family – Ndzi Joseph Nwebara & Ndzi Edith Seh
  • Nduwa Ebenezar and family
  • Nfor Melvin and family
  • Lambu Paul family and friends
  • Njingti Binta and family
  • Nfor Family—Shey E. Nfor, Belinda Nfor, Nfor Julius
  • Grace Yuhbu and family
  • Remy Ndi And Family