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Nice coffee

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Coffee For Business

Whether it's a (home) office, a café, a brewbar, a coffee stand at a festival or a company: we have the right roast for your business. Register via our B2B contact form and benefit from special conditions.

To the B2B area

I was a little skeptical at first, but then I came across the trial packages and was able to try them all. Now I can't get enough of the Simbi espresso and I always look forward to the new creations!

I love the Boa Vista, order it several times a year and I'm thrilled every time!

The best coffee I've ever had! Love to order at Schön Kaffee.

Christian T
Maike S
Jonas F

From plantation to roasting

In addition to the highest quality, transparency and sustainability are our top priorities.

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From plantation to roasting

In addition to the highest quality, transparency and sustainability are our top priorities.

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What is the best way to store coffee to preserve freshness?

Please never in the fridge! Best in a dry and reasonably cool place. Eg: pantry or kitchen cabinet.

Where do the coffee beans that you use for the roasts come from?

Our coffees come from the best growing countries in the world in South America, Africa and Asia. We only buy coffees that are traded transparently, from small importers and small farmers.

How long does it take for my order to be shipped?

Usually 1 - 3 days. We ship equipment on the same or next working day. It can take a little longer for coffee because some of it is freshly roasted and packaged.

Do you also offer ground coffee or only whole beans?

We recommend always ordering coffee unground. You also have the option of selecting the desired degree of grinding when ordering.

Are there any specific recommendations for preparing the types of coffee?

Any coffee can be prepared in any way. For espresso roasts, however, we recommend preparation in a portafilter and for filter coffee preparation in a hand filter, AeroPress or cold brew maker.

How long does freshly roasted coffee last?

We recommend consuming coffee within a period of about 14 days to a maximum of 3 months after the roasting date.

Are discounts or special offers offered for larger orders?

Yes, if you need coffee for your office, cafe, restaurant, etc., it is best to create an account in the B2B area or send us an email to info@schoen

Which payment methods are accepted in the online shop?

You can use many different means of payment with us. Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay, credit card, invoice, instant transfer, advance payment and many more.