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About Us

We have been roasting the finest specialty coffees in Stappenbach / Burgebrach (near Bamberg) since 2017.

The heart of the roasting plant is our new Probat P05 III. With this great machine we roast batches from 3 to 6 kg. So you can call us a small craft business or a family business.

Our goal is always to get the best out of every bean. Depending on the variety, region, cultivation altitude and processing, every coffee contains a wide variety of aromas. Working out and emphasizing these aromas is part of our taste philosophy.

Our coffee

We only roast specialty coffees with the appropriate cupping score. We obtain all of our green coffee directly and transparently from small importers. No wholesalers, middlemen or organizations that make money. In this way, the coffee farmers receive a significantly higher price than would be the case on the open market. We're not going to save the world with that, but it's a small step in the right direction.

Some of our coffees are also certified organic.


Our roasts

We try to have something in our range for every taste. Some coffees are very light and super fruity, others are a bit darker with little acidity. But none of our roasts are really dark.

You can find much more information about the respective coffees and roasts in the shop by clicking on the corresponding products.


Our packaging

As good as possible and as environmentally friendly as possible. For our aroma protection packaging, we rely on the Öko-Line from the company Ströbel - Made in Germany and without aluminum. The bags are made of kraft paper on the outside and a barrier film on the inside. The bags are also equipped with an aroma protection valve and are resealable and reusable thanks to the zip lock. By the way, we ship in used boxes whenever possible. This does not serve to save costs, but is a measure to protect resources and the environment.


More information

We only give the best before date as three months after the roasting date. Of course, the coffee has a much longer shelf life. After three months, however, it clearly loses its aroma. We even recommend using the coffee within two months of the roast date. If you have any questions, just send an email to

We will answer every email. Please also check the spam folder. We are regularly classified as spam by Gmail in particular...

Thanks very much!