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Die Kosten steigen

The costs are increasing

Even if nobody can hear it anymore...
Everything gets more expensive. We, too, are clearly feeling the price increases in all segments.

The transport costs are higher. Electricity and gas are more expensive. Equipment has also become more expensive and of course indirect costs such as food, petrol and heating oil.

The cost of green coffee has increased by up to 50% in the last year. Our standards are even more affected than the microlots. The reason for the higher prices is partly still the greater crop failures due to climate change, but above all rising costs in the producing countries. Therefore, these higher prices are absolutely justified. For us it is absolutely clear that we remain loyal to our producers and importers and of course to our quality and do not want to switch to cheaper coffees.

We are therefore forced to raise our prices a little again this year. We have already done this for some coffees and items, for others it will be ready with the new deliveries. We only try to raise the prices by a minimum. If necessary, we have to make improvements again in the course of the year.

Thank you for your understanding!