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Die neue Ernte aus Kenia wird spannend

The new harvest from Kenya will be exciting

Last week we were allowed to cup samples of the new harvest from Kenya and we are thrilled! This time we even chose three different coffees from Kenya. Of course, all three are imported again by value coffee.

Small spoiler: There are no SL-28 and SL-34 varieties this time. This is actually a special feature. Nevertheless, you can look forward to fantastic Kenyan coffees :)

Unfortunately, there is also sad news. We would have liked to have had the Berco AA in our range again this year, but unfortunately the entire harvest died due to the lack of rain. This is really bad for Theo Mwangi and his family. Their farm is very high and they have no way of artificially irrigating. So they depend on rain. We hope things go well for them again this year.