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Die Rohkaffee Preise steigen - Update

Green coffee prices are increasing - update

Dear customers,

in Brazil, and also in many other coffee-growing countries, there were enormous crop failures last year. This is mainly due to climate change. Extreme drought or, on the contrary, extreme rainfall, as well as frost, have wiped out entire plantations. Since Brazil is one of the largest 'coffee exporters', this has price implications, not only on the coffee trade in Brazil but worldwide.

Ultimately, that's a good thing, because coffee prices have been so low in recent years that many farmers have been unable to make a living from their work. Of course we have always paid above-average prices for our coffees, but we are also affected by the price increases.

Therefore, we will gradually have to increase our prices. We currently still have the 'old' harvest from last year of most of the coffees in our range. For these coffees, the old price will remain for the time being. But as soon as we start producing the new crop, we have to increase the price for the coffee in question.

Update 07/06/2022: What is currently even more important in terms of price than last year's crop failures is general inflation and price increases. The transport costs, both for us and for the importers, have increased immensely. Electricity, gas, petrol is also significantly more expensive. That applies to us too. We now pay an average of 30-40% more for new coffees than we did a few months ago. The production, material and shipping costs have also increased noticeably. Unfortunately, we have to pass this price adjustment on to you as well. Otherwise we would not be able to continue operations.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Your nice coffee team