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Wie sich Höhe und Klima auf den Geschmack von Kaffeebohnen auswirken

How altitude and climate affect the taste of coffee beans

How altitude and climate affect the taste of coffee beans

Coffee is a natural product whose character depends greatly on where it is grown. At Schön Kaffee, we know that the altitude and climate in which coffee is grown are crucial to the taste of each cup. In this article, we explore how these environmental factors affect the characteristics and aroma of the coffee beans you love.

The influence of altitude on coffee beans

The altitude at which coffee is grown has a significant impact on the flavor of the beans. Generally speaking, the higher the cultivation, the slower the coffee beans ripen, resulting in greater complexity and depth in flavor. At higher altitudes, we often find Arabica beans with finer and more pronounced flavor profiles that can include notes of fruit, flowers, and even wine. Our carefully selected highland coffees at Schön Kaffee are examples of the exquisite quality that can be achieved through high altitude.

Climate: A key to taste

The climate also plays a crucial role in the development of coffee aromas. A balanced climate with alternating rainy and dry seasons is ideal for growing coffee. Too much moisture can lead to disease, while too little can cause the beans to dry out. At Schön Kaffee, we make sure to source coffee beans from regions that offer optimal climatic conditions for cultivation to guarantee you the best quality in every cup.

The impact on coffee quality

The combination of altitude and climate directly influences the quality of the coffee beans. In higher, cooler regions, the beans develop slowly and evenly, resulting in greater complexity of flavor. These beans are often denser and have a more pronounced aroma than their counterparts from lower altitudes. At Schön Kaffee, we understand these nuances and select our beans accordingly to give you a superior taste experience.

The variety of taste profiles

Each altitude and climate produces its own flavor profile. From the chocolatey and nutty notes of the lower-altitude Robusta beans to the citrus and floral nuances of the highland Arabicas - the variety is enormous. At Schön Kaffee you will find a wide range of flavors that are shaped by these natural growing conditions.

Conclusion: The importance of environmental factors

Altitude and climate are more than just geographical factors - they are at the heart of the taste of every coffee bean. At Schön Kaffee, we attach great importance to ensuring that our coffee is grown under the best conditions to offer you an incomparable taste experience. Discover our shop and experience how these environmental factors shape the character of your coffee.