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SCHÖN DUNKEL ist Testsieger im Crema Magazin

BEAUTIFULLY DARK is test winner in Crema Magazine

We are very happy about this great award!!!

Our SCHÖN DANKEL espresso blend is the test winner in the Crema issue 01/2023

At this point we simply quote the Crema Magazine:

'The name doesn't say it all here, the 'Schön Kaffee' roastery admits that on their website, but the name sounds good and it's a classic blend, just not dark, but rather medium roasted. A naturally prepared Arabic from Brazil makes up 90% of the flavor base and is supplemented by 10% washed Canephora from Mexico. In the cup we find a sweet espresso reminiscent of grape-nut chocolate, low acidity and a soft mouthfeel. Nice and tasty!'

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