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CAMPO HERMOSO - Pink Bourbon - Colombian filter coffee

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We are very pleased to present another great specialty coffee from the famous farmBeautiful CampAfter the Sidra Black Honey was so well received in April and sold out far too quickly, it was clear to us that we would like to offer coffees fromBeautiful Campwant to offer.This time we have a Natural of the variety Pink BourbonThe type of fermentation is identical to that of Sidra. In terms of taste and quality, Pink Bourbon is in the same league as Sidra, even though it is a completely different coffee.

What awaits us here is an exceptionally delicious coffee with lots of fruit and light floral elements. A subtle herbal note is also noticeable.

We taste hereStrawberry yoghurt and intense aromas of blackberry, strawberry and cranberry. There is also a slightlyfloral noteperceptible. There is also a thyme note that is present throughout, which stands out as soon as you open the bag and can be tasted more or less clearly depending on the brewing method. We really like that a lot. The mouthfeel is wonderfulcreamyand the body is medium to full. In addition, the coffee has agood acidity and is incredibly sweet.

Great Colombian filter coffee with aCupping score of 88.5.

Please note: The starting price of 12,90€ refers to 125g.

Only while stocks last!

Flavors:Strawberry yoghurt, blackberry, strawberry, cranberry, jasmine, thyme

Body: medium to full

Roast level: Filter light

Recommended for:V60, Kalita, AeroPress, Chemex, Origami, Graycano, Pulsar, Coldbrew

Cupping Score: 88.5

Importer: Colombian Spirit


Filter coffee from Colombia

  • Varieties:Pink Bourbon
  • Producers: Edwin Noreña; Beautiful Camp
  • Mounting height:1800m
  • Harvest: 2024
  • Processing:Natural

The Campo Hermoso farm is owned by Edwin Noreña - he is a COE Judge in Colombia, Q Grader, Q Processor, as well as a former coffee consultant for some farms. With more than 20 years of experience in the world of specialty coffee, Edwin is truly one of the pioneers in the world of specialty coffee in Colombia. Campo Hermoso has been part of Edwin's family since he was a child.
Edwin really immersed himself in the world of specialty coffee when he joined SENA in Colombia (SENA is a place where people can study for free and Armenia, one of the most important cities for coffee, has one of the largest coffee centers for SENA). At SENA he became a green coffee selection instructor, then he continued to grow during his studies and after 10 years at SENA he started working as a private consultant for farms. Some of the farms he consulted are Puerto Alegre, El Placer and Primitivo (to name a few).
Edwin was always very interested in sharing his knowledge and he saw a business opportunity in these farms. He started the Santuario project, but unfortunately things did not go as expected. So in 2020 he decided to focus his knowledge on his farm Campo Hermoso. At the moment he also buys cherries from
other farms in Colombia and processes the coffee on his farm.

Brew Advice

Graycano, V60, Origami, Kalita, Fellow X:

  • Brew Ratio 15g coffee - 250g water; temperature 93°; 22 clicks C40 MK4
  • 0:00 - 0:10 - 50ml - Swirl
  • 0:10 - 0:45 - (Blooming)
  • 0:45 - 0:55 - 50ml
  • 1:05 - 1:15 - 50ml
  • 1:25 - 1.35 - 50ml
  • 1:45 - 1:55 - 50ml - then swirl
  • 2:40 - finished

The recipe works just as well with 18g/300ml; in this case pour in 60ml increments and grind a little coarser (23/24 clicks)


  • AeroPress inverted.
  • 18g coffee; ( 26 clicks) ; 170ml water; 92°
  • 0:00 - 0:30 add 50ml water and stir slowly 5 times
  • 0:30 - 1:00 and fill up to 170ml, stir 10 times, then put the filter on, let the air out and place on the server.
  • Start pressing slowly at 1:30 minutes and finish at 2:00 minutes.
  • then pour in 50ml (slightly cooled) water from the kettle

Chemex 3 Cup:

  • 20g coffee;
  • 330ml water,
  • Water temperature 95°;
  • 3:30 minutes extraction time including blooming;
  • 3 pours

Hario Switch 03

  • 25g coffee (26 clicks) ;
  • 400ml water (95°)
  • Bloom 80g water 35s;
  • Fill in the remaining water completely;
  • Let it steep for 2 minutes;
  • Stir a few times around the top with a spoon;
  • let water run through at 2:50.

The run through time should be a maximum of 1 minute (adjust the grinding level if necessary)


Have fun trying it out and experimenting yourself ;-)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

Intensiver Duft nach Erdbeerjoghurt beim Öffnen der Tüte. Habe mich grob an der Brühempfehlung orientiert und die fruchtigen Geschmacksnoten sind da - plus etwas Kräuteriges, was ich bisher weder Jasmin noch Thymian nennen würde. Sehr cremiges Mundgefühl, hat was von Yogurette mit Kräuternote. Gefällt mir insgesamt noch besser als der Black Honey Sidra.