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Wir haben neue Kaffees für euch

We have new coffees for you

So people,

some new coffees have recently become available in the shop:

#1 - The Cristalina is now also available as an espresso. Long awaited by many. An extremely fruity, light espresso that tastes very similar to the Cristalina filter. Delicious!

#2 - let's stick with espresso. The beloved Cafe da Casa is gone and is now being replaced by the Sitio Cachoeirinha . Also a natural from Brazil. In terms of taste, the Sitio Cachoeirinha is quite similar to the da Casa. Lots of fruit and some cocoa. Only the blueberry note is now replaced by a clear black currant. Also super tasty!

#3 - Of course, we also roasted the Sitio Cacheirinha as filter coffee. Just like the Casa before it, it's also a medium roast. A little darker than usual, with super intense black currant. Super sweet, super delicious!

#4 - and last but not least. A new light filter coffee from Ethiopia. The Nano Challa replaces the Anasora Kelloo. Also a fairly complex coffee with floral aromas and a fine note of peach. When it cools down, add a nice ripe kiwi. Delicious ;-)